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May 19, 2021 5 min read

Best tips for a successful surf trip in Bali

Bali is the ultimate surfing destination. The people are friendly, the life is cheap, the culture is exotic and our needs of sun are fulfilled. As for the waves, no need to present its many wordclass spots.

So when you want to disconnect from reality, surf and the need to travel becomes vital, Bali can be your solution.

Even if we would leave with only his board and his boardshort, some information are not too much. So before you embark on this Indonesian adventure, it is better to be well informed. Spots, activities, accommodation, transportation, visa... We asked ourselves all the questions necessary for a successful surf trip.

Surfing in Bali

Indonesia's reputation for this sport is well established. Known worldwide for its incredible surfing spots and the most beautiful waves, the archipelago welcomes many international athletes.

Moreover, the country organizes every year national and international competitions, including for example the Asian Surfing Championships. So grab your boards, the Indonesian beaches of paradise have not finished surprising you!

Best tips for a successful surf trip in Bali

Credit: @wsl

Because it is a little - a lot - for that we choose to go to Bali.

Reefbreak, pointbreak and beachbreak. Lefts and rights. Experienced and beginners. The island offers varied and quality waves for all levels.

To know: surfing is mainly concentrated in the south of the island, on the Bukit peninsula. There are notably world-class lefts: Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin, Impossibles. The names are surely not unknown to you and make you dream ... But beware, you are not the only ones. In Bali, it is often crowded!

Where to surf in Bali?

Beginners / all surfer (in green) :

Airport's, Balangan, Balian, Berawa, Buitan, Canggu, Dayana Pura, Ku De Ta- Semyniak, Medewi, Playground - Nusa Lembongan, Pererenan, Padang Galak, Serangan, Sri Lanka, Tanah Lot, Tanjung left, Sebs Point. 

Experienced (in orange) :

Amed Matias Point, Bali Tropic, Binjin, Ceningan Point, Dreamland, Ewan's left, Geger, Green Ball, Jimbaran Shorey, Kartika dead spot, Keramas beach, Kuta reef, Lacerations (Nusa Lembongan), Legian Beach, Lower Temples, Middles, Mushroom Beach (Nusa Lembongan), mushrooms, Nua Dua, Nyang-Nyang, Pulakan ( Medewi), Rice paddies, right hander reef, Sanur - Grand Hyatt, Secret, Shipwrecks, Tandjungs, Temples, Uluwatu. 

Pro surfers (in red) : 

Bluffs, Impossibles, Ketewel, Padang Padang. 

We can't mention the word "surfing" without referring to Bali. The island of the Gods is known worldwide for being the meeting point of an impressive number of tourists who come to surf its waves. The majority of these remain European or Australian, and contribute to the fame of the island. The beach of Kuta is perhaps the most known.

Beginners can learn to surf in good conditions. Beginners will enjoy Bingin beach. For the more experienced, go to Kuta Reed, Sulutan or Padang-Padang. There are also good spots in Legian, Seminyak and Nusa Lembongan.

Lombok, less popular than Bali, has interesting sites such as Gerupul, Ekas or Mawi.

In Sumatra, the island of Nias also offers the best surf spots in the world. It is located about 100 km from the west coast of Sumatra. We invite you to go to the beach of Sorake ideal to indulge your passion. Every year, many national and international competitions are held here. The beach of Pulau Weh is also very interesting to discover.

On Java, some surf spots stand out like G-land, also known as Plengkung Beach and located in the east of the island, in the national park Alas Purwo. It welcomes many surfers from all over the world. It is easy to reach by boat from Bali.

The archipelago of Nusa Tenggara is also a paradise for surfing enthusiasts where there are famous spots. If you are visiting Sumbawa, don't miss to go to Scar Reef in Jereweh.  Also add Supersucks, Yoyo's and Townsite beaches to your list. South of Bima, you'll find the great spots at Lakey Peak.

Tips for your stay

The best time to come surfing in Indonesia is from June to October. However, it is also the high tourist season of the archipelago. Note that all periods are suitable for surfing and that avoiding the influx of tourists is also a very good alternative.


Credit: @wsl

Concerning the precautions to take, they remain the same as everywhere else. We advise you to stay alert to the currents, the power of the waves and the sun, enemy number one. Shark attacks are rare but jellyfish are very present and we recommend you to be careful.

If you want to avoid a large number of tourists in certain areas, do not hesitate to explore the coasts in search of new and unknown spots. Indonesia is an archipelago still to discover!

> What is the cost of living in Bali?

While life in Asia is cheap, Bali has benefited from an extremely high level of tourism and prices have followed. If you come from elsewhere in Indonesia, don't be surprised to see prices rise during your Balinese getaway.

- The national currency is the Indonesian rupiah or rupiah (Rps). At the beginning of 2019, €1 was worth about Rps15,000.

It is difficult to predict a budget, since prices vary according to our requirements in terms of accommodation or food. But we give you some reference points.

- A meal: cheap = 2 to 3 €; more "chic" = 8 to 10 €.

- A pint of beer = about 2 €. 

> What papers should I bring to Bali?

- For a stay of less than 30 days, no visa is required for French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian citizens (among others) arriving by the main ports and airports of the country (including those of Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta). A passport valid for more than 6 months after the planned date of return and a return ticket are required.

- Beyond 30 days, a tourist visa becomes mandatory and a passport valid at least 9 months after the date of application. You have the possibility to obtain the tourist visa on site or in France before departure.

> What are the recommended vaccines for Bali?

Universal vaccines (DPTD, hepatitis B) / hepatitis A / typhoid fever. And for any stay in rural areas (especially in rice fields): Japanese encephalitis.

> What is the time difference in Bali? 

When it is 12:00 am in Bali, it is 6:00 am in Paris (-6:00 am) in summer and 5:00 am (-7:00 am) in winter.

Another thing to know?

In Bali, you may be offered drugs during the holidays. We strongly advise you not to accept. Not only is it wrong, but it's the best way to end up in a squalid jail. It has happened to many Australian and even French surfers... It would be a shame to end the trip behind bars rather than in the bars.

Would you like to help preserve the ocean?

It is important to support eco-friendly surf brands like Salters. You will find a range of clothing made of 100% organic cotton and know that 10% of your order is donated to NGOs that fight to save our oceans from the pollution we know today! It is never too late to act!

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